Past entries from, month by month.

October 2008: Aiming for Prolific.
Donkey Kong, the Yom Kippur compromise, cops in the middle of the night, kasha, chocolate, and a free turkey carcass.

September 2008: Trying again.
After taking the summer off, I get back into writing. Stuff on my trip to Maine, roasted tomato sauce, a garden update, the mole, the chair, David Foster Wallace's suicide made me really sad, and a week to remember Shea Stadium, which also shut down this year, thank you very much.

July/August 2008: Temporarily closed for recharging.
Gone fishin'. (Metaphorically, of course, although I do like fishing.)

June 2008: We appreciate your patronage.
Not much. I sort of petered out and needed a sabbatical, or something like that.

May 2008: Ba di di ba di di di ba di di ba di ba di di di.
Garage sale-in', conga playin', GMK and Brit talkin', tree removin' and wallet gougin', milk drinkin', and Tony Blair speakin'.

April 2008: It isn't what it isn't.
Playing drums at Evan and Lainey's wedding, the lady who kept eating imitation crab meat, The Modern, the neti pot actually works, and fresh mangosteens!

March 2008: Smile for the camera.
Hot Kashi, my ankle is seriously messed up, I go to an educational technology conference and win a gift card to the Olive Garden (but nothing related to education or technology), I try to make homemade mayo and fail miserably, more on Cadbury mini eggs, and I heart pajamas.

February 2008: Like an iceberg.
Some stream of consciousness practice, the TSA pisses me off, but I still go to Miami and have lots of fun before spraining my ankle, tulips, the streets around here are full of chuckholes, I make it to New York despite the snow, I am now one of those people who can't tell time, but I still make it back home in time.

January 2008: Where does the time go?
We had a great time in sunny, friendly San Juan, Puerto Rico. We saw some impressive stuff, and I developed a love for plantains. Also, I saw Juno and The Savages, and then I got sick. That sucked.

December 2007: Suddenly it's December.
End of the semester rush, I turn 33 (33!), the Minimalist is awesome, JEW, I just totally cannot make fudge and will probably never try again, spreading holiday cheer, and then I spend 10 dyas in Puerto Rico and just cannot get my butt off the beach long enough to write anything. Sorry.

November 2007: These are the lives we've chosen.
Look: it was a busy month, and there's not much here. Sorry. What is here is me complaining about how busy I am (fun!), the mouse incident, Steph and the baked potatoes, Thanksgiving, and tumbleweeds. That's all.

October 2007: Show your work.
Our wedding rocked, the things they don't tell you about getting married, my first mani-pedi, Gatsby, more on honeycrisps, what is rye and what is not rye, and I went to Kansas. Yeah, Kansas!

September 2007: Bringing sleepy back.
Planning for a wedding, going to school full time, and teaching pretty much full time leaves little time for anything else. I wrote a bit about my tiny cousin Alex, getting our marriage license, my special sandwiches, and diversity, but that's it. Sorry.

August 2007: Hum of machinery.
Not blown away by DeLillo, skidding across a lake on my face (and liking it!), Hebrew National Salami, Crowded House, and no internet plus no power equals not a lot this month. Yeah, well, what can you do?

July 2007: You can do this.
After careful evaluation, we have concluded that Cleveland does, in fact, rock, free cake and ice cream, diet Coke and bacon, and four days at the beach. Between all this school business and all this vacation business, I didn't do much of this writing business.

June 2007: Familiar results.
Amish friendship bread, softsational!, Menonites in the tech department, wallet on the trail, and some other stuff.

May 2007: Boy howdy.
I lose another one (this makes five), artichokes, bees, the weatherman in coversation, longboxes, fucking gas prices, and Amy (who used to be Bill).

April 2007: And yet.
A big fun trip to NY, Cadbury mini eggs, dance lessons, smoking and dumping, a terror threat (false alarm), peppermint tea, and donuts.

March 2007: Places, everyone.
My grandma died, my car spends some time in the shop, another meaning for appetizing, stop smoking in restaurants, Shamrock shakes are friggin' nasty, the Poop Scoop King, Guinness pisses me off big time, channel 13, Running with Scissors pissed me off too, and my stand mixer rocks.

February 2007: Quiet on the set.
ATHF and a bad case of misinterpretation, cold snap, I am not Avril Lavigne, llamas and such, I smash up my car a little, I become one of those earwax people, DST is A-OK, and WTF? My cable goes out in the middle of the Oscars.

January 2007: On or close.
Trip to Chicago, eating venison (for free!), the resolutionists, pyramid tea, calzones, stupid flaming cheese, stop all the damn clapping, kasha, and the argument against Lunchables (sort of).

December 2006: Comfort in the Words.
A bit of a quiet month. I turn 32, Jesus Camp, my bad luck with hand mixers, so many parties, chocolate bark makes great gifts, and the Christmas Eve Memory Dinner. Not my memory, but nonetheless.

November 2006: Who Wants Jelly Donuts?
Death Cab videos, witness to a car accident, problems with novelty cereal, a long night in Detroit, an uncomfortable moment after Borat, I destroy my quads in Body Blast, Thanksgiving break, Andrea and I don't get any carrot cake, and the whole Michael Richards thing.

October 2006: It is so on.
What happens when I get busy? I don't find time to write. But when I did, I wrote about these things: fasting on Yom Kippur, Lost, how to eat concord grapes, our trip up to Glen Arbor (cold!), Salman Rushdie's The Ground Beneath Her Feet, a horribly compelling and also disgusting documentary on 1950s slaughterhouses in Paris, and my Joycean day.

September 2006: Down the block and back around.
So much talk about food this month! I must have been hungry. Bridge walk and breakfast, Holiday Mo, Keith Olbermann is my new hero, fryin' chicken in Crisco, honeycrisps, and an evening of noodles and boxing. Are you full yet?

August 2006: Stop it already.
Of course Mel Gibson is an anti-Semite, meat, sweatin' like a fat man at the ball game, the Nature Channel in our back yard, ABC pisses me off, freezy coffee, my NY trip, Labor Day, and no one yells "Taxi!"

July 2006: Factory Sealed.
Florida trip recap, a letter to Spirit (airlines, that is), flippy hair on YouTube, Beaver Island, alternate uses for cold soup, believe on the lord Jesus Christ, and giving money to some guy in a parking garage.

June 2006: Mix Tape.
Dying bird, maybe we shouldn't all live long, the magic of cast iron, Wordplay, mangosteen juice is a scam, Merry Berry Merlot is actually alright, touchy-feely workshops, and Florida.

May 2006: Verse-chorus-verse.
The garage sale and the doghouse, free cakes and pies, ice cream memory, planting, and some rambling about kitchen gadgets.

April 2006: Weights and measures.
Birds a la Hitchcock, our spring break in NYC, gnawin' bones, parking dilemma, serious noodle cravings, and donating blood isn't so bad after all.

March 2006: Made from quality parts.
Miniature rooms in Chicago, a theory on how my brain works, Athens (Georgia) and the ordeal getting back home, minneolas, Grave of the Fireflies, some films, and I actually eat Cheerios.

February 2006: Please stand clear of the door.
Movies, the James Frey fiasco, my thoughts on my renewed college career, the five year mark, the Berghoff, drink mix genius (genius!), Green Acres is so not the place for me, and where the hell did "meaty urologist" come from?

January 2006: You're soaking in it.
Semi-deep thoughts on a new year, raccoons (and an update), night terrors turn into night hungers, I have to freakin' go back to stinkin' college but it turns out okay, shinola, pigging out at the soul food place, fondue restaurants are expensive because you're paying for insurance, and the possum.

December 2005: Wash with like colors.
David Foster Wallace is a clever bastard with his drug-like Infinite Jest, I turn 31 and am not really traumatized at all, WCBS 880, I got the sick, the idiotic Merry Christmas debate, a cooking vacation, Jesus is so not magic, and adult diapers.

November 2005: Actual mileage may vary.
Halloween in the new neighborhood, vanilla tootsie rolls, I painted a room, a rationale for liking "Lost," my computer dies, I went home to NY for a week and wrote a little about that, and then things got really busy.

October 2005: How'm I doin'?
Too many projects, Jewish New Year, Dan Flavin and cheesy Renaissance repros, the custard pie incident, hey hey hockey's back, Chihuly digs my video, Buffalo, the asshole who got what was coming to him, our weekend in Ludington, and 3-D.

September 2005: Fine, then.
Gas prices and my scooter, a successful bike trip, photos, duck chili, 66666, Chihuly, Liquorice Altoids, the Jet Blue plane, and I don't write for a few days to catch up on some projects.

August 2005: Your ad here.
New house, no my mom or dad are not here, why you should have lunch at the Grand Hotel, biking around Mackinac Island, why the Grand Hotel makes us a little uncomfortable, the end of the day (oh god make it stop), and I'm busy.

July 2005: What was the question again?
My secret phone thing, the no hitter rule, another self-interview, all about my camping experience, cancer, piss-you, and my grandma turns 85 and takes us all on a fancy boat ride.

June 2005: It works if you work it.
What makes the horse nororious, summer's here, The Grapes of Wrath, an interesting hood ornament, how to eat a black and white cookie, morons with boats, and dude, free Donkey Kong!

May 2005: What's good.
A slow start, musings about money and credit, life-affirming incidents, karma, things about my dad for his birthday, and some tragic news. Drive safely and buckle up, friends.

April 2005: That is that and this is this.
Daylight saving time, I take a big fun trip down south and discover the secret of the pot liquor (hint: no weed, no booze), the worst flu ever, and I meet Ken Burns and Steve James.

March 2005: We're all sensitive people.
A Wilco show, me and the Beasties, crunk and ringtones, the FedEx saga, big glasses with black frames, free booze and tshirts, and a poem for the weather.

February 2005: Silence, exile, and cunning.
Truly, a very boring month. I complain about it. Also, The Gates, four years, a lot of food talk, and stuff my mom likes.

January 2005: Be Nice.
A recapping interview, fluff hurts my esophagus, Americana, VH1 goes too far for me, the butternut squash dumpling incident, plain checks please, and dude, free doughnuts!

December 2004: Beyond this point lie monsters.
Meet Ted, I turn 30 and the world doesn't, in fact, end, The Signature Room is amazing, Tip Top Tap, winter break, shortbreads bust my mixer, and British chocolate.

November 2004: Carefully consider.
To of the Empire State, Flickr, anxiety over turning 30, gym annoyances, and would you believe it? More goddamn bats!

October 2004: I approve these messages.
Coney Island was fun, iBook woes, I'm ready to move to Mackinac, cookie voting, Chocodiles, and I did an awful lot of traveling.

September 2004: In stages.
The Killers kick ass, I earn five bucks, I pull two muscles, I get sick, and I finally get to see The Trashcan Sinatras play live.

August 2004: Most times simple.
Up north was cool, I buy a kickass scooter, book chat a la grad school daze, I guess I like country music, and a real live crop circle.

July 2004: Long time listener.
Vegas is silly (with a few exceptions), the '90s embarrass me, Comerica Park, and mangoes. (Mangoes!)

June 2004: Punctuated.
I travel to the south and make some assessments, I get quoted (for real!), I swear I will kill that fucking dog, my new mailman is cute, and then I head west.

May 2004: Don't think. React.
I lost weight, I went bird watching, I hate my neighbors' dog, and I watched the roses bloom. Yeah, this wasn't the most prolific month ever. Sorry. Other things were happening.

April 2004: Cannonball Days.
April Adjustment, mojitos are really good, I heart NY, I get the hot seat, uneasy transportation, talking sex in Italian, and I am unable to have a moment. Christ on a bike, I wrote a lot this month.

March 2004: Baffled.
The Passion made me sick, The Postal Service, the sloe gin fizz incident, everything's dehydratable, a road trip to the Iron City, I win at East Lansing, and I get a new nickname (sort of).

February 2004: Work is never over.
The nipple thing, oatmeal, the assholes next door, my rollercoaster ride with Final Cut Pro, an argument against grad school, chocolate and spaghetti sauce.

January 2004: Take the best right now.
Another self interview, my 2003 list, haiku, Parry Shen and UB grads kick ass, the assholes I have to deal with, promises to myself, and a disturbing bird incident.

December 2003: Practiced in the Art.
Pictures from New York, I meet Jimmy Smits, handbags, the big 2-9, Ryan Adams, "best," my hair, and some holiday cheer.

November 2003: Better Living Through Therapy.
Press-on nails, the holiday parade, my favorite restaurant closes, raw food, and a pet chicken. Overall, a slow month.

October 2003: Mighty Mighty.
Alton Brown is the coolest, fashionable geography, Quentin Tarrantino is an ass but makes fine movies, I love to hate the '80s, the kitchen sink incident, and pervs at the gym.

September 2003: I want my summer back.
I become fond of lists, how I sleep, cool furniture, some movies, and my obsessive compulsive tendencies.

August 2003: Quite clear. No doubt. Somehow.
Marshall Crenshaw rocks, assholes in go-karts, my leetle treep to noo yawk sitty, the Malkovich blackout theory, and the nasty lady next door finally left.

July 2003: Imagine how.
My landlord is a beeotch, Chicago and Pittsburgh, Superman (ice cream, that is), Queer Eye for the Straight Guy, the decline of Douglas Coupland, and me at 70.

June 2003: This is easy.
Moving and getting my new place together, an icky foot infection, The Guru sucked, I want a G5, and smoothies: the latest sensation!

May 2003: Turning your orbit around.
French films, the cake incident, Saturday morning telemarketers (assholes), and my landlord damn near drove me insane.

April 2003: Duck and cover.
Happy platelets, the tomato juice theory, why FOX got it wrong with Mr. Personality, Bend it Like Beckham sucked big time, and I watched a lot of movies and wrote a little about each one.

March 2003: You are here.
Mitnick, minieggs, late season snow days, Luke Wilson will you be my boyfriend, film festivals, a birdie conversation, Michael Moore, and busy busy busy.

February 2003: Parking Cars and Pumping Gas.
My iBook gets all screwy, white-outs on the highway, books, movies, telemarketers, scratch-offs, PaRappa, and food.

January 2003: The New Black.
A bad start, my thing with burritos, I don't get to move (boo!), my new job, my new movie schedule, and extravagance in a recession.

December 2002: Say What You Say.
A letter to truckers, I turn 28, movies, the California King, I get an Atari and food poisoning within the course of two days, and can you believe it -- more bats.

November 2002: Express Lane.
More bats, some lists, some movies, caffeine high, Bonney, fun with Photoshop, undershits, and cleaners.

October 2002: Discerning Geek.
A few short trips, I meet the future governor, Jet Blue, not ready for kids, water snob, betas, and old drafty houses.

September 2002: No stars are coming to this town.
The noxoius tomato, shoes with no backs, I give up on Tolstoy, domains, soda vs. pop, Woody Allen, the asshole at the antiques place, and genius grants (I didn't get one).

August 2002: Parts and Accessories.
Guacamole, the fish stick improvement system, bats, a recipe, my new iBook arrives, and I win first prize.

July 2002: Well-wrought.
Don't feed the birds, alligator on a stick, gambling, Heeb, the Ho Sto', electronics, fast food, and sushi (of course).

June 2002: Short Sharp Scoop.
Photos from NY, the Gold Box, the Stay Campaign, too many shrimp, and the minors.

May 2002: First, do no harm.
Spring cleaning, Chinese food, five questions, a long bike ride, and NASA's quest for the elusive 8086.

April 2002: No accounting for taste.
Airports, choices, societies, Tech TV, and my two cents on insurance. A fairly uninspired month, I'd say.

March 2002: Waiting for the sun.
Film festivals, Flash animation, Cadbury eggs, and holy crap, I sure do write a lot about sushi.

February 2002: Line forms here.
Free to be You and Me, weird stick figures, the one year mark, the bobsled cam, a seven-year ache, and too many potatoes.

January 2002: Wouldn't you?
Frank Lloyd Wright, Royal Tenenbaums kicked ass baby, my Godfather pose, duelling pianos, lawn ducks, black, and a whole lotta flicks.

December 2001: Measure twice. Cut once.
2001 cliches, Long Wei Down, my birthday ups and downs, idiots buying coffee, a Jewish Xmas, and anticipating spring.

November 2001: Exhausted by risk.
Old school, a Frank Lloyd Wright house, a Jew at a Christmas concert, and not much else. God, I was so uncreative this month. My apologies. Dog days of the year and all that.

October 2001: The world is yours.
Mafia movies kick ass. Also, the "Not" lamp, advanced math, powdered creamer, ground zero, El Caminos, and my killer legs (sort of).

September 2001: Eat and sleep and think and eat.
This month snuck up on me like a hockey-masked murderer in a bad horror flick. Then more bad things happened.

August 2001: Machine in the cog.
Heat, dummies, a really bad Dylan Thomas rip off, more Paul Auster, hot peppers in my eyes, the power of NPR, and some random stuff about things that happened while I was trying to sleep.

July 2001: Nice to see you (again).
Raw cookie dough, lots of movies, Big Brother,, the weird guy with his crops, casseroles, Paul Auster, and two early wake-ups.

June 2001: Act like you know.
Jumping the shark goes global, we heart Rufus Wainwright, bombs go boom, big tobacco bullshit, red Yankees hats, church humor, the Smithsonian gets all postmodern and stuff, Magic Energy, lychees rock, fake accents suck, and A Heartbreaking Work of Staggering Genius was actually pretty good.

May 2001: Reading papers, feeling guilty.
Breezewood sucks, sprawl sucks, unemployment sucks, Kinkos sucks, and I'm not particularly fond of tailgating either. What a cheery month! Oh, and I went to Disney World and wrote some stuff about that.

April 2001: We hate liars.
Unemployment! New York-Midwest comparisons, Nicholson Baker, and a real live fall-out shelter!

March 2001: Never learned to rhyme.
I hated my job, so I quit. Just like that.

February 2001: Rock the mic right.
I got bored, so I started this thing. For a goof. You understand.

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